Posted by: tcvisitorscenter | July 12, 2011

Beating the Heat…

It’s been hot in Tucker County, WV the last couple of days…shoot weeks!  How are you beating the heat this summer?  I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible at our favorite swimming holes.  But work, yard work and random thunderstorms keep getting in the way.  Do you have a favorite swimming hole?  But here are some other fun summer options…

If you are looking for some water activities, I would suggest Blackwater Outdoor Adventures.  They offer white water rafting, canoeing, duckies, tubing, and fishing trips.  There are also paddle boat and canoe rentals at Blackwater Falls State Park, where you can float at Pendleton Lake.  Canaan Valley Resort has an outdoor pool along with an indoor/outdoor pool if that more your style.   

Great thing about warm summer days are berries!  Mid to late July is a great time for berry picking.  I’ve been told that the blueberries are ripe and ready for picking.  Camp 70 road behind Shop-n-Save in Davis will lead to you the Canaan Valley Institute trail system and you can access some great berry bushes there.  If you are looking for an adventure I would suggest taking the scenic chair lift ride to the top of Canaan Valley Resort ski area and hike to the top of Bald Knob then walk the trail down.  Along the trail you’ll find blueberries and blackberries!  You can also drive to the top of Dolly Sods to Bear Rocks and not far from the parking lots are loads of berry bushes.  This spot is well known and you’ll find a lot of other pickers, including bears!  There have been a spotting or two of bears so far this season so just beware, they typically out traveling and looking for food in the morning and around dusk. 



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